Increase Organic Traffic – Website Search Optimization Tips

Increase Organic Traffic – Website Search Optimization Tips












Update yourself with all the latest SEO tactics and Website search optimization tips, in turn fetches you the answer on how to increase organic traffic. Skills to optimize for that are here.”

Organic traffic includes all visits to your blog on the Google search engine that come from a keyword search. All the blog owners will be very much interested in increasing the rankings that their content gets in Google keyword searches i.e., instead of being the 100th result for a relevant keyword search, they want to be @ 1 or at least in the top 10.

A blogger always ponder whether his ideas are on hand to the visitors or not. By focusing on building a great blog that people read, talk about, and share, a blogger need to figure out the data in an ample and flawless way. As a result, the content that is generated will be search worthy and leads to a traffic bump that will last for a very long time.

SEO is an opportunity to create value and Increase Organic Traffic”

Search optimization tricks are many. You can boost search rankings in the short term by paying for links and other actions but it could affect the blogs in the long-term for the violation of Google’s policies. So, the best way to increase traffic to your blog is organically. Let your search rankings grow naturally.

Proper SEO technique is directly proportional to surge organic traffic for a website. Let us have a glance for the points mentioned above and look for website search optimization techniques.

Search Optimization Tips to Increase Organic Traffic

Quality Content

The primary thing that a blogger needs to check is to produce quality and user friendly content. It may sound as telling about a lake to a person who can swim a sea easily. Hmm, it may also be funny if we say to produce quality and genuine content to a blogger, although everyone does. But as a technique, this can be followed as an effective search engine optimization technique.

Link Building

It is no more secret that Google uses links to measure the authority of web pages.Using user friendly keywords in the anchor tag instead of “Click here” will boost up your rank in SERP. Simply, Link Building is like voting a page (If a page is promoting another one, it says that the first likes the second one).

Target your Customers Rather than Business

The ideas that we reflect on our blog should reach the customer’s expectations. That should not be in the elevation of your business by which users get annoyed with unrelated stuff. As your customer get pleased with evidence of work done, it ultimately leads to search engine page results with the user gratification.

Blog Commenting?

Will blog commenting really yields results? Yeah. Add strength to your website by leaving. Crazy right? I mean leave comments on other blog. An appropriate way of implementing blog commenting is a practical way to attract visitors instead of paid marketing. A blogger can discover interesting sources for his ideas to implement but it is not a one-time process.

Create a Community/ Forum

As we discuss about the increment of visitors of a site, the key element is to create a sense of belonging and participation of users at your blog. By this tactic, one can have enormous viewers with publicity. Make sure that you are authentic, genuine and all these notions encourages participation and reinforce the count of visitors.

Keywords – Google AdWords and Why Does it matter for a blogger?

Google’s job is to connect those who are performing a search with the content they want whenever an individual searches of a Keyword. Search for the best keyword and put them in your content with perfect utilization without changing the meaning and purpose of an article. The modern code is designed to cataract for a reason, be careful in choosing the words.

Information Authentication

If the architecture of a website is critical, it is hard to acquire SEO success. Confirm that the pages are Scalable, Crawlable and Tiered.

  • Make it scalable, grow it as long as/ as far as you can.

  • Crawlable, easily visible to the bots of search engine.

  • Tiered, avoiding duplication of paperwork

Avoid Short-Term SEO Tricks that Can Devalue Your Blog

It may be tempting to pay for some links to increase your blog’s authority in Google’s algorithm by which Google traffic to your blog will be increased. However, short-term tactics can only work for not so long time. Use ethical short-term search engine optimization tactics to enhance your ongoing efforts to write a lot of quality content that your niche audience wants to read and share perfectly. This will be the most valuable thing you can create share worthy content to increase organic Google traffic and grow your blog gradually.


Different users will think in different ways and browse for a similar product/ service with multiple keywords. A blogger need to grab the attitude and attention of a user with his words in the article. You might be astonished to see a few success stories of websites that increase in organic traffic violently about 100K to 400K in a month. Amazing right? But it’s true. Even you can also get the same and accurate results by following some website optimization techniques that I have listed above.



Web development is a term that is used to cover all the people and work. Who plan, build, and manage a website-which can include everyone to everything from product and project managers to, designers, writers, programmers, and database administrators. Web development professionals are charged with nothing less than designing, conceiving, building, populating with content, supporting, and managing websites. The job of the Web development team is to create a compelling website. Such websites, generally speaking, are designed to support a business, be it selling things or enabling other kinds of transactions or helping people search the Web.

Web development is no longer a job that anyone can grab like it was half a decade ago. But the Internet is here to stay and advances in technology which will make Web skills a continuous need in the corporate world, in government and in the nonprofit sector.

The nature of jobs in Web development will continue to evolve as wireless technologies move us ever closer to an Internet that can be integrated with all aspects of our lives. Those who are seeking a career in the industry should be all ears to the development of new technologies as well as industry trends. They should work continuously to learn new skills relevant to all the changes taking place in the industry.

The description of career tracks provides a very general introduction to the wide range of opportunities in Web development. Keep in mind that job descriptions in this field are very fluid; many roles evolve and get mix into other roles.

Most entry-level job titles in Web development include Web designer, webmaster and graphic artist. Increased education and work experience can lead to advanced positions such as senior Web developer, designer.

Web developers typically do the following:

1. Work with other team members to determine what information the site will contain
2. Meet with clients or management to discuss the needs and design of a website
3. Create and test applications for a website
4. Integrate graphics, audio, and video into the website
5. Write code for websites, using programming languages such as php or Java
6. Work with graphics and other designers to determine the website’s layout

Web developers come from various backgrounds. But generally getting a degree in this field would help you to have a better entry in the profession.

Hope this blog could throw some light on how a career of a web developer looks like. If you have any quires you may ask in the comment section below we will surely get back to you.

How to do SEO?


How to do SEO?

SEO is the science used to drive traffic and move our web pages upwards to the top on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc., SEO involves altering our website structure and content to make it easier for the search engine spiders to index. It is the key tool for the website owners to get more traffic.

1st step

Website design factors:-

Design website as per SEO

  • While designing any website or webpage, the first and foremost factor is that the entire website is simple, easy in operation and understanding and is filled with rich data and materials.

    Always avoid the use of flash. Flash is not always readable by the search engines and the loading of the page becomes slower, as a user, this is not appreciated. If using flash is very necessary, try and make it small (e.g. as a flash header) and cover the remaining area for content having lots of keywords.

  • Mind has a unique habit of following whatever appears colorful and creative. Hence, the use if graphics is a must when you are doing any SEO. You can use a variety of pictures and effects that are relevant to the content and use an alt tag with therelevant keywords for the search engines to read as engines cannot read the graphics.  Why to add up content when there is already a smart graphic ready? To entertain the web visitors while the graphic is loading!

  • Frame usage should always be avoided. Spidering is a concept which is not compatible with many search engines. If you add the frames, chances are the search engines cannot spider web pages with frames at all. Some search engines do have the facility to spider web pages, but they too sometimes cannot index the web page.

  • The main objective of doing the SEO is keeping it less complicated for the spiders. If the navigation bar is very difficult to understand, some engines find it difficult to navigate through other pages. Hence, the use of complex tables while laying out any web page is undesirable.

  • Not every user has a high speed internet connection and everyone loved pages that are loaded and downloaded at a speed. External cascading sheets and java scripts files can be used to reduce the size of any page. The faster the spider indexes your page, the better is the ranking.

  • Standard HTML should be used. Generally, software’s like FrontPage, Dreamweaver and WYSIWYG editor will add unnecessary scripting codes that make the web page larger and harder to crawl.  It might also generate some codes which the search engines cannot read and this makes the spider not to index the page or even the entire website. If to use, you should use those web page creator software wisely with a good understanding of html so that you may manually avoid or even delete those unnecessary scripting codes.

 2nd step:

Select Keywords –

Key word research

A keyword is a word or a phrase entered by people into a search engine when they want to find information, or products and services online. It can be a single word, a phrase or even a sentence.

A following set of processes is to be done to finalize the keywords.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the 5 points process for conducting great keyword research.

  1. Put together an initial list of search terms that you think your target audience would use to find your website. If you’re stuck for ideas, you can go to a competitor’s website and simply right-click on their website. Then view the source code and look for the Meta keywords that are listed. These are the keywords that your competitor’s have deemed to be their most important searches and could be a good list to use as your initial starting point in addition to the list you has put together on your own.

  1. Take your initial list of search terms and plug them into the free Google Keyword tool: Then once you’ve entered the target search terms, click on the search button to find a list of related terms and the number of times the word was entered every month. This is called the monthly traffic volume and helps to understand the types of searches.

  1. Export an excel file with the list of search terms that were displayed in the Google Keyword tool and do a data sort of keywords with the highest traffic and lowest competition. Once you have this list, you’ll want to do an Excel sort of keywords by the highest monthly traffic volumes. Then select five to ten keywords toward the top of the list that you think are most relevant to your website.

  1. Once you have this initial list, you will want to check on the overall competitiveness of the search terms on your list. Google gives you a competition score in their tool, but be aware that this only reflects the paid search competition and isn’t relevant for SEO purposes.

  1. After you have your initial list of search terms, you will want to enter them into rank tracking software so that you can keep track of your target search terms while at the same time understanding how your activities are impacting overall search rankings for the search terms you are targeting.

3rd step

Content  framing–

Content optimisation as per SEO

Make sure that your website content is filled with the key words. Use the key words on the appropriate pages by using 3 to 6 keywords per page that includes a minimum of 300 words of unique content. How to do SEO which has rich reading content? What do the readers anticipate when they are going through your website? What is the genre of the content of your website? These are important aspects to be looked upon!

SEO Friendly Writing Does Not Mean Writing for Search Engines. It means writing proper content helpful to readers. While you are on the plan of how to do SEO, it is important to understand what the readers would want to read which can increase the traffic of your webpage.

The first and foremost thought in your mind when working on content for your Web pages is that you’re writing for people not for search engines. If you have to choose between a technique that is good for your readers but not so good for search engines or vice versa, choose that which is good for your readers. Search engines ultimately want to provide content that is interesting and informative for their customers too, and a page that is too optimized is no fun to read.

Fortunately, most of the techniques that make good Web writing make for decent SEO as well.

  • Write relevant content. Search engines have ways of recognizing when a page is not really about what it might seem to be about. If you’re playing games with your content to try and fool search engines, it will eventually be found and you’ll lose rank or even be banned. It’s much better to write content that is relevant to your topic.

  • Put conclusions at the beginning. Another way to think of this is that you want yourkeywords to be denser towards the top of your article. If your page is about readymade clothes, then the first mention of readymade clothes should be in the title and first sentence. Don’t start using synonyms for your keyword phrase until the second or third paragraph.

  • Use lists instead of paragraphs. Lists are easier to get your seo content into without your repetition seeming strange.

  • Make your links part of the copy. This is especially important if your links include your keyword phrases. If you’ve linked to the Gents wear on your snow readymade clothes page, make sure that you link the words ” Gents wear ” and not something unrelated like “click here”.

  • Include internal sub-headings and they should include your keyword phrase. Use heading tags for your sub-heads, and repeat your keyword phrase.

  • Proofread your pages. It doesn’t do any good to focus on the keywords “snow leopard” if you spell it “snow leopart” once or twice on the page. Plus, the spelling and grammar errors make your content look unprofessional, so people are less likely to link to your page.

4th step

On page optimization:

Onpage optimisation

It is very important that On Page Optimization is done correctly for a website as this gives the information to the search engine crawlers and spiders about the theme of the website and which keywords you are targeting to rank on. While accomplishing the task of how to do a SEO, on page optimization deserves a serious attention and it is once on the website. Do On Page Optimization after every 3 months to keep the site fresh for Search Engines. This helps in keeping an updated page with fresh content which attracts the users.

1. Use title tags that are specific each page

The title tags should have the keywords that are specific to a page. This is because the title is used by the search engines to identify each individual page. The number of characters used in the title tag should be less than 70 including all the spaces.

2. Use heading tags that are specific

Heading tags define the level wise classification of your web page content. Just like title tags, they should be used to highlight the keywords. Use <h1> to <h6> heading tags. Make sure that the most competitive keywords are in the <h1> tag.

3. Add the title attributions to the web pages

Title attributions improve your site’s usability when used with the navigational tabs. It also gives a little boost to your site on search engine optimization. The text used should clearly indicate the content of the upcoming page. Include the keywords if possible on the title attributions and make them less than 10 words.

4. Use Image alt attribute

The image alt attribute adds descriptions to the images used on your site. This makes it possible for search engines to recognize what people search through the web. This can cause an increase in traffic to your site. Use texts that describe an image. Include the keywords if appropriate and make sure you use only 5-10 words to describe your images. You can use the image alt attribution on the different types of images including png, jpg, gif and the clickable buttons on your site.

5. Use Meta tags that describe your site

Meta tags make it easier for the searchers to detect if the link to your page is worth clicking or not. These tags also help to move your site up the search engine results. Utilize the keywords in your Meta tag descriptions to optimize all your pages.

6. Use a descriptive, easy to remember URL

This is a great way to boost your search engine rankings. Your domain name should indicate your brand. Also ensure that all sub-directories and all pages on your site are optimized for SEO by using the relevant keywords.

7. Ensure that your site has a sitemap

To improve your ranking on the SERPs add an .xml sitemap at the root of your site. These maps list the pages of your website in hierarchy to outline the pages accessible to crawlers.

8. Debug your site regularly to avoid 404 errors

404 errors prevent search engines from exploring your site to index it among the search result. These errors also ruin the credibility of your site to the users. If you own a big site with lots of pages, there is more chance of finding 404 errors. Check your site regularly to identify the errors to maintain the crawl ability of your site and to keep it user friendly.

9. Use the correct keyword density

Your keywords should be well incorporated in the content of your site. As you work hard to incorporate the keyword, also ensure that your content has a natural an authentic tone. The best way to achieve an appropriate keyword density is by using the keyword once in the first paragraph, once in your content’s main body and one last time in the last paragraph.

10. Check your keyword proximity

If you are using more than one keyword phrase, ensure that you include them next to each other or just have a few words separating them. You must also ensure that you sound natural as you strive to keep your keywords together. The proximity of keywords should not compromise your content’s quality.

5th step

Off Page Optimization

Offpage optimisation

Off Page Optimization Is something which is done offsite and usually not visible on the website however results in pushing the ranking higher on search engines, it is a regular process and must be done ethically for better and long term results.

Increasing back links – The best way to be sure that the search engines can find your site is to have other Websites link to your site. If you have a lot of other Websites linking to your site, the search engine spiders will visit your site more frequently and find new content quickly

1. Social Networking

Social networking or social media marketing is the best way of off page optimization. Google also recommend for social media optimization. If your site is good enough other webmasters shall start giving link to your website pages and posts.

2. Blog Posting

Pick the good quality and more discussed websites and guest blog about your webpage on them. It will enhance your authorship visibility all over the web and other websites might link to your website’s content.

3. Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites are good for off page search engine optimization. Sites like stumbleupon, digg, delicious are very good sites that give traffic as well as backlinks. Do not bookmark on sites that has low quality on web. Social channels add up to the answers to how to do SEO and works wonders once in action!

4. Press Releases

Though Google has announced that it will not give backlinks to your site from press release websites, the press releases certainly helps in developing any webpage and while doing an SEO, press releases form an integral part. It is a very good way for off page SEO which can generate good traffic and brand value for your site.

5. Article Writing

Write bunch of articles on Ezine and other qualitative article websites. It will boost your website’s off page presence and provide you extra backlinks. Always remember do not be so smart be unique and original. It will give you natural links. How to do SEO while playing with the words is the real technique of any article writer.

6. Forum Discussions

Use some good quality forum sites to discuss about your website’s content and pages. Forum websites are also very good way to increase traffic. People love reading and discussing about current topics and it can add up to the traffic of your website. Off page SEO’s value increased a lot by forum discussions.

7. Classifieds Submissions

If your website category is related to classified categories you should also post classified ads on various classified websites for extra dose of off page SEO.

8. Questions and Answers

Try to find out some questions and answer website that has some topics related to your website. Post questions and answers related to your website’s content and posts.

9. Comments Posting

Everyone likes to be heard and comments are an excellent way to keep the topic in discussion and doing a SEO for any website. Comments posting is good way to generate traffic on your website. Some sites also allow do follow comments that can provide your site some good quality backlinks. It will promote your site through off page medium.

10. Business and Local Listing

Add your business websites to business and local listing websites for off page benefits. Post good quality unique information about your website on local listing pages it will optimize your website and provide you good back links.

6th step

BE Patient –To watch your results

Wait for some time to get seo results

It is always important to be patient while you are undergoing optimization. It can take along time, weeks or even months to improve the site’s rankings for the keywords that you targeted. But it will eventually be ranked high in the search with the targeted keywords. Never be anxious about how to do SEO which will hit the bull’s eye. Follow the above given simple steps and you are good to go!

Days Made Easier With Software Development


“The task of the software development team is to engineer the illusion of simplicity”
– Grady Brooch. (American software engineer, best known for developing the Unified Modeling Language)

Modern day amenities are full of technical diversity and management procedures. We can hardly find anything that is in lieu of computerization or technology. Be it shopping mall or you go for your office MIS, everything that is managed now a days is related to software. Coming to which, it reminds how important software development is standing in this century of “Web-inization”.

Software development is basically the process of computer programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing involved in creating and maintaining applications and frameworks involved in a software release life cycle and resulting in a software product.

A custom software application leads to added benefits that individuals don’t consider like having a standardized platform to work on that is shared between all locations. Software development helps you in every aspects of your business orientation like safety and security of your important documents. Apart from safety and security there are number of things that can be combined into software to make your day to day job much more easily and fast.

The main challenge comes in creating the user friendly and quick to understand that an individual will grab the procedure. And unless the software in not user-friendly, there is hardly any meaning in giving in an effort. When you have software application installed uniquely for your business, it’s even easier to keep a track even if you are a non technical person and hardly know anything about a particular genre.

Appreciating the fact what and how technology has grabbed us all over, it’s now clear and definitely wise to say that importance of software is immensely crucial.

Is PHP important for Web Application Development?

PHP development

Role of PHP in development of web application:

PHP is essentially a universal scripting programming language for web application development as well as web integration between wide different programming languages. It has also been used for number of open source software application integration which also includes Content Management Systems, and many more. The programming language PHP In web application development which also works under several of databases and also the functionality can be adapted as per the project needs. In addition, the PHP Application is simple to optimize using standard coding methods for keeping the project productively without any hassles.

PHP basically helps creating elementary and complex web applications in has the power that will keep up to the ultimate software coding according to the company. PHP software development is also been used for creating and making out of the box services such as web calendars, CRM solutions and many more, together with the development of PHP Web Applications. PHP software development has a main goal and it is to make the process of increasing all the application easier. PHP software development provides support to a custom software firm to process the produced programming code in developing web based applications.

There are a number of benefits of PHP software development. Right from a modified IT firm that is devoted in developing web applications and software, which includes, PHP often shows flexibility in nature and can run almost all the operating systems. PHP is basically very easy to learn and are quiet swiftly used for developing vibrant web applications as compared to any software languages and PHP is an open source software applications and like wisely decreases maintenance rates, and that is the main reason why developers don’t have to spend money while the installation is in process.

Do you think there is any other way in which the PHP can be modified or have any other advantages that can be included here? Let us know, by commenting down there.

The Best Growing Importance of Software Development Services


While we are regularly being supported by software sophistications and technological developments, the importance of software industry is growing itself, as these systems are quickly becoming competitive tools in many industries, today. The fast growth of this field and the way the world is running in this lane, it is creating a base for the firms to rebuild the customer experience by rendering an inspiring digital technologies which would them matter them the most.

The services provided by these companies may help many firms drive innovation, stay agile, and effectively respond to all the market changes. Attributing to the increasing role & work of software development services, companies have started realizing their importance when it comes to create software in dynamic environments. The rising susceptibility and Internet securities, has also played a major role in the rising demands of technological solutions.

Now a day, the software development companies, are enhancing and augmenting the process of globalization. They are trying to expand their operations to overseas and thus giving them the benefits of much improved services in the most economical way. With their in-depth knowledge about the latest technologies, they also understand the security standards and concept thus they provide their solutions accordingly.

These days IT firm provides a number of customized services just for free. These companies have enough knowledge, skills, and experience to help you have a successful digital transformation. The multiple measures taken by these companies have a focus which is primarily on development and testing the solutions by following some of the well-specified specifications or requirements provided by the company. Their up to date outsourcing have undertaken & helped them to provide user friendly products and services which would add wings to the different business processes.

In a Nutshell:
In regards to the overwhelming growth of outsourced firm, it has become mostly impossible to find a business where everything is looked after by the in house team. And thus having a software of your own business would help you to have a managed version of all your paper work and also financial records that will come handy when and where required. Additionally you also get to find a lot of Software development companies who are in this line for a long time and thus can give you the perfect solution and also any other requirement that you might just need to accelerate your business.

Website Designing Through HTML5 and CSS3


If you are a web designer, you would always want to know that when it is the time to roll out on HTML5 and CSS3, functionality on the client’s site. While there are plenty of the young designers you have adopted the concept of HTML 5 and CSS3, there has been people who disliked it too. Keeping these in mind we will take a brief tour of Why to use HTML5 and CSS3, for taking your design to another level.


HTML5 is basically, the latest version of hyper text Markup language. It was Steve jobs who once refused to allow flash on ios because there were many bugs. The thought processes behind making HTML5 is not just making a single entity but to make it up through smaller parts and let them work together. To create something that is more creative and innovative. HTML5 is made up upon the success of HTML4 and thus, it means that a coder does not have to give away with the existing markup. Rather he can build and improve the old one with much more creativity.


1. Html5 is a lot quicker to load in comparison with its older version.
2. It is now possible to access to mobile phone application, if written in HTML5.
3. You get more freedom, creating your website because it’s way too flexible now.
4. Video, audio, and images are easily written into codes, which does not need as third party interference.

When using HTML5 and CSS3 together, then nit will give the designer a big time creditability.


CSS3 basically stand s for cascading style sheet. It offers increased flexibility to the designers while they are creating web designs. CSS3 offers some of the best and exciting features that would enhance the look and feel of any website. Though we are very clear about the fact, that there is not compulsion on the functionality of any website. CSS3makes it easier for the designer to for creating some wonderful websites.

Some of the cool tricks that you need to know, about CSS

1. The feature of box shadow
2. Easier font addition
3. Multiple backgrounds
4. Border images
5. Opacity levels and many more….

These were just few of them; explore yourself to know more about HTML5 and Css3. If you get some other feature that is worth mentioning please comment don with your answers.

What are the 3 best uses of Mobile Application?

Mobile Application

We are sprinting high in terms of technology advancement. Be it our watches, mobiles, laptops or other such electronic gadgets. We are getting dramatically addicted to the technology. But the other side of it had impacted our lives positively too. But we are not sane enough to find that but generalize and move on. So let us find out how much does this statement stands strong?

Today more number of businesses is looking to launch their own mobile based support applications. It is very crucial as a part of your business development strategy to find out if your business needs an app. And if you have already figured that out well, then delaying it means losing name and clients in market and ultimate

Apps are used in various sectors today. Ecommerce is one of the most common sector and social media is not giving up in the race of technology developments. Let’s have a quick look on what are the crucial uses of mobile app.

1. Doctors: Well it does not seem like an obvious answer, if I ask “Do doctors need an app?”. But the fact that the frequency of connectivity a personalized or family doctor needs with their patients is answer to my own question. A common man like me would never be able to easily figure out why do we need so many apps on the go. But it bugs me and i have to admit that I was wrong. It is always easier to get consultation from various doctors on the go using app which is quite not practically possible with other alternative. Not just that I can now even buy my medicines through the same app. This concludes that an app for doctor’s consultation is must. Does it not?

2. Transport Services: Can you imagine a time back a decade ago when we use to waste our precious time waiting for our ride to show up, although we did not miss making extra efforts on making several calls to cab agencies to confirm our ride. Yes that has changed now for all good reasons. Thanks to technology providers who created amazing business model around our needs to make us feel safe and keep us on the go. Ola cabs, Ubers cabs are although cab service providers but it is the mobile app model that got all the attention. We can’t imagine going back in past to find out what it looks like without these apps.

3. Social Connect: Yes we are all very clear about why we need an app for connecting with friends and family and also for making new friends for life. But there are few concerns people show and argue that Social media apps are not serving any good to us. But it is not the problem with the app it is the problem of the person or the way he or she make a use of it. If the person aims to use it positively it can be used for enhancing social life and adding value to your health and wellbeing. Too much of anything would give the error result so do judge technology by its drawback but by its opportunities. Facebook, Twitter, pinterest, etc are some of the well knows social media apps and what’s app also joins the party with its personalized and unique communication features.

5 Professions that can’t survive without a well designed website or mobile app

App development

We have seen the growth in IT sector in India. Website designing and now mobile app development has always been center of attraction in information technology. The reason being that a very few people know in depth about  website design or App development and rest all hustlers seem to find shortcuts for quick solution. Even if they know designing or development they are not sure of optimization strategy which is required in all terms of its design and operations. When planning a website or an app one should consider its usability, design or present-ability and its online reach in general.

Let us have a look at some of the professions that cant survive or sustain in market without well designed website or app:

    1. Disk Jockey: After a hard work for long week, people are likely to choose for various stress busters options. And to keep up the pace and satisfy the party freaks, we have these artists who zig zag around with disc to mix the best music for the party night. DJs today are looking to work with more flexible ways and manage time. As a part of this career option they prefer having their own online profile to make some surplus income. But its not just the DJ’s but all the artists need a tremendous website or interactive mobile app to pace up their profile and seek better career prospects.


    1. Doctors: Gone are the days of managing patient files in paper backed stuffed folders. Information technology have revolutionized this old methodology and replaced with better alternative. There are several mobile based applications used by doctors in market today which offer them to manage folders of patients through swipes and slides in one single app. So if you are running a small clinic or working as a consultant doctor. It is recommended to get a decent website or an app in order to stay updated with technology and to assist your patient more effectively.


    1. Consultant: We all are good at one or the other thing. But there are some of us who are good at almost everything. These people are good with multi-tasking and therefore they prefer to choose consulting as their career option. They choose to be flexible with their work time and do various projects and earn their regular bread and butter. It is very important for a consultant to have dynamic profile available online in form of website or mobile app for the ease of work and meeting RSVPs


  1. Author or Bloggers:  Book authors, guest speakers, and bloggers are talk of the town in the modern era where people socialize with various channels to get ahead in business. Bloggers and other such professional are most needed for enhancing the face of the company. But if the blogger does not have a well-designed website that showcases their projects then they are likely to stay starved for projects. Most of the newbie bloggers make silly mistake and go with free blog version and overlook or ignore their efforts at the stake of website design cost. Blogging experts recommend bloggers to have rock star website or app that can represent their profile.


  1. Fitness trainers:  We have heard most popular scholars and inspirational speakers talking about giving utmost preference to health and prioritize it. As more and more people are getting awareness about health and fitness, there has been reasonable growth towards graduates becoming fitness trainers. But a fitness trainer may work from home and usually go and train at client’s house depending on budget and preferences. This means that while searching for new clients or to showcase work profile they need to carry their exercise charts and other metrics in a print format which will ideally increase cost. It is well advised by business professionals who write tips online that fitness trainers shall have very interactive and dynamic website to showcase their work and to manage clients metric too. Also they can use mobile apps to take it to level next.

3 Crucial Reasons why you should prioritize Digital Marketing for your Business


“Business is generally seen as a challenging affair when compared to its counterpart, i.e. job or employment as career. “Some people call them experts of business because they have proved the above statement other way round. Anyone with good products or services can start making profits at initial stages. They say it’s not magic. It is arts and science. It is in fact very true that an individual with great dedication toward their passion can be successful in reaching their business goals. However there are always several approaches that need to be in place while setting up or running a successful business.

Following are some of the most important 3 reasons why you should prioritize digital marketing:

  1. Profits or revenue generation at earliest: 

Yes, first and foremost criterion of a successful business should be that it should make profits or at least generate revenues from day #1 of its launch. It is dramatic, is it not? Yes but if you are looking at long term business then this is not the case and so its success is dependent over a period of time. But whereas a business that can make revenues or profits from day #1 is more attractive options for investors.
For example you plan a shopping mall project with huge budget on setup and promotions then your mall shall at least start generating revenues by the end of the week if not by end of the day. Similarly in case of an online shopping business, the day you launch your website is when you shall ideally start generating revenues. Although in case of online business the investment is low therefore it is more practically possible to accomplish. Now that is why Digital marketing comes in picture. And it most crucial step that all the new and existing business shall take.

2. Business development ease: 

Starting a business is easy sustaining it is difficult and expanding its growth is indeed challenging. But with the use of digital marketing approach you will be able to “shot down 3 birds with one stone” Your online visibility enhancement means more new customers every day. In fact your vendors, partners or other business to business clients will be able to connect with you at no extra marketing expense.

3. New investment scope:

 When you are busy hustling across to run your successful profit making business you do not have much time to concentrate on scaling it up. But if you have adequate plan for your digital marketing then you will not have to waste time searching for investors. Investors are more likely to end up on your website online through search engines or social media through your digital marketing approach.

So next time you sit to sketch a plan for your dream business venture make sure you do not just start it the right way but also reach your desired goals. Most prominent goal of any successful business is to make revenue or profits at the earliest. Marketing is one of the most important business methodology but online marketing or digital marketing is most effective methodology available at reliable cost in this age of super computers.